Microglobal: Where Small Business is Headed

What is Micro-Global™?

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Microglobal™ is the term I use to describe what small businesses and entrepreneurs the world over are doing to actively grow their revenues and engage in global business.

Not long ago, the very term “global business” implied containers aboard sea vessels, major multinationals with corporate interests, complex shipping terms and more complex logistics, high costs and higher risks. Not an arena for small business to play in.

But many very small businesses, or Microglobal™ business as I call it, are in fact playing in the global arena and growing because of it. Now, granted, this does mean looking at more than the bottom line – but that’s exactly the point. Microglobal™ means moving at a more nimble pace and doing things differently than tradition and precedent have set forth. These microglobal™ pioneers are engaging in business on a new level that has opened up more than sales channels and has created unexpected opportunities for both sides of the equation.

For example – increasingly, entrepreneurs are utilizing tools to make their online presence more user friendly to foreign customers, such as translated pages and live-translation services, and they are encountering more interest from overseas because of it. But that’s where the paths with traditional business diverge. Microglobal™ is not simply about selling products or services overseas to a new customer base. Something else is taking place – and it is shaping the way entrepreneurs around the globe do business with one another. It’s about building relationships that are mutually beneficial and growing into meaningful collaborations that provide far more than a few extra sales. Microglobal™ is about taking the leap into the unknown with a willingness to learn along the way, extend the patience needed to find the right fit with the right potential partner and the ability to adapt to situations that provide a mutually beneficial solution.

Being a Microglobal™ business means being engaged with other entrepreneurs around the world and getting real insights into the lay of the land, listening to what is being said by overseas contacts and using that information to create new answers. By having a willingness to learn and engage in conversations, more is happening – relationships are developing and creative solutions are being found along the way. Cross-promotions and sharing customers are just a few examples of how more value and more opportunity for micro-enterprise are being built on both sides of the equation.

So, what can you do to begin taking your small business Microglobal™?

  1. Localize Information. Utilize tools and software that allow your website to be found in other countries with translated pages or options to have translated content. Google translate is not the only option. Services like Milengo, Lingo24, and Translations.com provide easy and affordable translation for your content and website properties.
  2. Relationship Curation and Development. Tap into your connections and be bold enough to reach out and ask for an introduction or better yet, reach out on your own based on a common interest or other unique attribute you’ve discovered about entrepreneurs and business owners overseas. You might be surprised by how eager other Microglobal™ business is to connect with you.
  3. Grow Together. Communicate and stay open to the conversation as it evolves. Global business is built on relationships. As a Microglobal™ business, relationships are everything. Let the conversation lead you to new solutions.

Building a MicroGlobal business is a lot of work, and these are just a few tenets of the process. That’s why I put together a course showing you, from start to finish, how to build a MicroGlobal business. So why not learn more about how you can go Microglobal™? Join our community of global women entrepreneurs at Girls Gone Global and find out more!

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